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・Lina ・

Like the Stars and the Clouds:

.[s o m e . d a y]
.[t h e . w i n d . w i l l]
.[t a k e . y o u . a w a y]
.[f r o m . m e]

I float up to the sky:

.is random 8D
.loves art and graphics
.likes to fangirl over pretty sparkly SHINY things
.likes to procrastinate
.works abysmally under stress :D;

I don't have wings:


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:: Friends Only :: [06 Nov 2012|09:32pm]
This journal is now friends only; Comment to be added.

This is my personal journal, and it will contain ramblings about me, my feelings and my life, though fangirling may also crop up now and then. :D If you are looking for my icons etc, this is not the place to friend. ♥

:: Friending ::

[†] LJ cut is your friend.
[†] Share some interests with me, so we can all spaz over things together, whut.
[†] Everyone has their ups and their downs. So do I. You have been warned. ♥
[†] This journal may contain original art work by me, but if you are looking for my fanworks, be they fic or fanart, please go to word_games or [My DA Account]. My cosplays can be found at my [yam blog] or my [cosplay.com]. Icons and graphics can be found at iconsu.

Feel free to comment and friend or, indeed if you so wish, de-friend me. I reserve the right to do the same thing. No hard feelings, mmm? ♥
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